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Types Of Highlighters For Every Stationery Lover

Types of Highlighters for Every Stationery Lover

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Table of Contents

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Highlighters are more than just stationery; they are the tools that bring clarity and organization to your notes, texts, and important documents. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a dedicated journal keeper, finding suitable highlighters can transform how you interact with your material.

Types Of Highlighters For Notebook

This article explores the various types of highlighters available, each tailored to different needs and preferences. From the smooth application of gel highlighters to the vibrant hues of liquid ink models and the subtle elegance of pastel colors, there is a highlighter for every stationery lover. Let’s dive into the world of types of highlighters to discover how these colorful tools can enhance your studying, reading, and organizational tasks.

How to Choose a Highlighter

When selecting types of highlighters, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure you get the most out of this essential stationery tool. Here’s a guide to help you choose the suitable types of highlighters for your needs:

Types of Highlighter-Type of Material
  1. Type of Material

Highlighters come in various forms, including liquid, gel, and solid sticks. Liquid highlighters are the most common and are prized for their vibrant colors and smooth application. Gel highlighters provide a wax-like consistency that doesn’t bleed through pages, making them ideal for thinner paper. Solid stick highlighters offer a dry form of highlighting without the risk of smudging or leaking.

Types of Highlighter-Color Options
  1. Color Options

While traditional highlighters are often in bright neon colors such as yellow, pink, green, and orange, there are also subtler options like pastel colors, which are easier on the eyes. The choice of color can depend on the purpose; for instance, neon colors are great for drawing attention, whereas pastels might be better for lengthy texts to avoid eye strain.

Types of Highlighter-Brightness and Visibility
  1. Brightness and Visibility

The brightness of different types of highlighters is crucial for their effectiveness. A good highlighter should provide a clear contrast against the printed text without obscuring it. Test the highlighter to see if it enhances readability or makes the text hard to read, especially in different lighting conditions.

Types of Highlighter-Tip Design
  1. Tip Design

Highlighters with different tip designs, such as chisel, bullet, and fine tips, are available. Chisel tips are versatile for thin and thick lines, making them popular for underlining and covering larger text blocks. Bullet tips are better for precision and annotating with smaller text. Some highlighters also offer dual tips, combining two styles in one pen for versatility.

Types of Highlighter-Ink Composition and Longevity
  1. Ink Composition and Longevity

The composition of the ink affects both the drying time and the longevity of the markings. Some water-based highlighters are easier to erase or blend but may smear easily. Others are alcohol-based, offering quicker drying times and long-lasting brightness. It’s also worth considering if the highlighter is refillable, which can be a more sustainable and economical choice.

Types of Highlighter-Ergonomics and Design
  1. Ergonomics and Design

The comfort and design of the highlighter are also important, mainly if you use them frequently. Look for highlighters with ergonomic grips designed to prevent rolling off the table. Lightweight highlighters can also reduce hand fatigue during extended use.

Different Types of Highlighters

Highlighters are an essential and widely used category of marker pens. They are vital tools for marking important text and are widely used by students, professionals, and anyone needing to emphasize critical information. Below is a breakdown of various types of highlighters, each offering unique benefits:

1. Liquid Ink Highlighters

Types of Highlighter-Liquid Ink Highlighters

Liquid ink highlighters are known for their vibrant colors and smooth application, making them ideal for highlighting text without tearing the paper. They use water-based ink, which provides a bright, translucent color that helps in making text stand out. However, they can sometimes bleed through thinner paper, so it’s essential to consider the paper quality when using them. Liquid Ink Highlighters are the most common type of highlighter.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Makes text stand out for quick identification.
  • Color-Coded Organization: Facilitates organized note-taking and reviewing.
  • Versatile on Various Papers: Works well on most paper types without bleeding.


  • Potential Fading: May fade with prolonged light exposure.
  • Risk of Smudging: Can smudge on wet ink or certain pen types.
  • Environmental Impact: Contributes to plastic waste and has fewer eco-friendly options.

SHARPIE Liquid Highlighters-24415

The SHARPIE liquid highlighters are a popular choice for those who need reliable, vibrant highlighters for school, work, or personal projects. This product is highly regarded for its quality and effectiveness. These highlighters are available in a 10-count pack of assorted colors, making them versatile for any marking or highlighting task.

SHARPIE Liquid Highlighters-24415


Visible Ink Supply: You can monitor ink levels, ensuring you never run low unexpectedly.

Chisel Tip: Offers versatility with both fine and broad lines, ideal for highlighting and underlining.

Assorted Colors: Includes a variety of vibrant colors for effective color-coding.

Multipurpose: Perfect for various uses like marking documents, taking notes, and organizing information.

2. Dry Highlighters (Stick Highlighters)

Types of Highlighter-Dry Highlighters

Dry or stick highlighters feature a solid, crayon-like wax to mark texts. They are excellent for users who prefer to avoid bleed-through or smudging, making them ideal for delicate or thin papers. Many dry highlighters are retractable and can be sharpened for more precise highlighting.


  • No Bleed-Through: Ideal for thin papers without soaking through.
  • Durable: They don’t dry out if uncapped.
  • Precise: Allows for accurate application, like underlining.


  • Muted Colors: Less vibrant than liquid or gel highlighters.
  • Requires Pressure: More force is needed for the application.
  • Needs Sharpening: Regular sharpening is necessary for precise use.

Kohinol KH3415 Dry Highlighters

The Kohinol KH3415 dry highlighter from KOH-I-NOOR is a set of color highlighter pencils, ideal for those who need precision and versatility in marking, drawing, and sketching. Comes in a blister pack for easy storage and portability.

Kohinol KH3415 Dry Highlighters


Assorted Colors: Includes six colors (Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Green, and Blue) for diverse marking and drawing needs.

Dry Highlighter Pencils: Offers precise application without bleeding through paper, ideal for detailed work.

Compact Size: Each pencil is easy to handle and has dimensions suitable for both fine and broad marking.

Versatile Use: Perfect for sketching, drawing, and highlighting, recognized for quality in artistic applications.

3. Pastel Highlighters

Types of Highlighter-Pastel Highlighters

Pastel highlighters offer a soft and subtle alternative to the traditional bright neon highlighters. With their soothing hues, such as lavender, mint, peach, and baby blue, these highlighters bring a refreshing touch to your notes and texts. Ideal for both artistic endeavors and organizational tasks, pastel highlighters are particularly popular among those who prefer a visually calming approach to highlighting.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Gentle colors are visually appealing.
  • Versatile Use: Good for both highlighting and creative work.
  • Reduced Bleed-Through: Suitable for thinner papers.


  • Lower Visibility: Not as vibrant as fluorescent colors.
  • Limited Color Range: Fewer options compared to brighter sets.
  • Potential Fading: Colors may fade over time with exposure to light.

Pilot FriXion Light Pastel Highlighters

The Pilot FriXion Light Pastel Highlighters combine the soft appeal of pastel colors with innovative erasable technology. This set includes five highlighters in pastel blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple. These highlighters are especially useful for students, professionals, and anyone who needs the flexibility to revise their highlights without compromising the quality of their papers.

Pilot FriXion Light Pastel Highlighters


Chisel Tip: Offers precision for both broad and fine highlighting.

Pastel Colors: Soft hues for gentle, non-overwhelming marking.

Quick Drying: Ink sets quickly to prevent smudging and bleeding.

Eco-Friendly: Reusable and erasable to minimize waste.

4. Gel Highlighters

Types of Highlighter-Gel Highlighters

Gel highlighters utilize a gel-based wax that smoothly glides across the page, perfect for glossy or thin papers where liquid ink might seep through. These highlighters are durable, as they do not dry out quickly and can remain uncapped for long periods without losing effectiveness.


  • No Bleed-Through: Safe for thin and glossy papers.
  • Smudge-Proof: Ideal for left-handed users.
  • Non-Drying: It doesn’t dry out like ink-based highlighters.


  • Less Precision: Broader tips may limit fine underlining.
  • Muted Colors: Not as bright as traditional highlighters.
  • Requires More Pressure: Gel texture may not glide smoothly.

DIVERSEBEE Gel Highlighters ‎DB093

The IVERSEBEE Gel Highlighters are explicitly designed for Bible study and journaling, featuring a no-bleed formula that makes them safe for delicate pages. These highlighters come in eight vintage colors, offering a stylish and functional tool for marking essential passages without damaging the paper.

DIVERSEBEE Gel Highlighters ‎DB093


Bible Safe: Gel formula prevents bleeding through and is ideal for thin pages.

Vintage Colors: The set includes eight muted colors for subtle highlighting.

No Smear or Fade: Ink applies smoothly and stays clear without smudging.

Twistable and Sharpenable: Extendable for more use and can be sharpened for precise application.

5. Double-Ended Highlighters

Types of Highlighter-Double-Ended Highlighters

Double-ended highlighters provide versatility within a single tool, with two tips that usually differ in size or color. One end might have a broad chisel tip for traditional highlighting, while the other has a fine tip for underlining or detailed annotation.


  • Versatility: Offers two different tip sizes or colors in one pen, enhancing functionality.
  • Space-Saving: Reduces the need to carry multiple highlighters, saving space in your stationery kit.
  • Convenient: Allows quick switching between highlighting styles or colors without changing tools.


  • Ink Depletion: Both ends may run out of ink faster due to a shared reservoir.
  • Balance Issues: Handling can be heavier or awkward, mainly if one end is used more than the other.
  • Cost: It may be more expensive than single-tip highlighters due to added functionality.

The Little Green Change Double-Ended Highlighters

This 6Pcs Highlighter Marker Set from The Little Green Change Store features double-ended highlighters in various vibrant colors, making them a versatile choice for school and creative projects. Each marker is designed with two tips, offering different line widths for highlighting and coloring needs. This set of highlighters makes it ideal for students, professionals, and anyone who enjoys adding a touch of color to their work or study environment.

The Little Green Change Double-Ended Highlighters


Double-Sided Tips: Features a broad bullet tip for bold lines and an extra-fine tip for precise details.

Smudge-Proof Ink: Fluorescent ink that doesn’t smudge over pen, marker, or inkjet ink.

Durable: Can be left uncapped for up to a week without drying out.

Assorted Colors: Includes vibrant colors like pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple.

Versatile Use: Suitable for school, office, journaling, and creative projects.

6. Erasable Highlighters

Types of Highlighter-Erasable Highlighters

Erasable highlighters are a versatile and innovative addition to stationery, offering the unique ability to highlight and erase markings. These highlighters are perfect for those who need the flexibility to change their highlighted sections without leaving a mess. They provide a practical solution for keeping your materials neat and up-to-date, combining the traditional utility of highlighting with the flexibility of erasing.


  • Flexibility: Easily correct mistakes by erasing unwanted highlights.
  • Adaptable: Useful for temporary marking on documents.
  • Encourages Experimentation: Ideal for drafting and revising notes.


  • Ink Consistency: Erasable ink may not be as vibrant as permanent ink.
  • Durability: Highlighting might fade or erase over time unintentionally.
  • Cost: Typically more expensive than regular highlighters due to specialized ink.

YOOUSOO Erasable Double Head Highlighters

The YOOUSOO Erasable Highlighters feature a unique double-headed design, making them highly versatile and suitable for various tasks, from highlighting to note-taking. This set includes ten assorted colors, catering to different preferences and uses. These make them a practical choice for anyone looking for reliable, erasable marking tools.

YOOUSOO Erasable Double Head Highlighters


Double-Headed Design: Features one end for highlighting and another for erasing errors.

Chisel Tip: Offers versatility for broad highlights, thin underlines, and detailed note-taking.

Erasable: Allows for correction of mistakes without damaging documents.

Soft Marks: Gentle on paper, ideal for textbooks and journals.

Versatile Use: Suitable for note-taking, highlighting, and creative journaling.

7. Eco-Friendly Highlighters

Types of Highlighter-Eco-Friendly Highlighters

Eco-friendly highlighters are designed for those conscious of their environmental impact and seek sustainable alternatives in their stationery choices. These highlighters are made with an emphasis on reducing waste and utilizing environmentally friendly materials.


  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Made with recycled or biodegradable materials.
  • Refillable Options: Can be refilled to minimize waste.
  • Non-Toxic Inks: Often use safer, less harmful ink formulations.


  • Higher Cost: Typically more expensive than standard highlighters.
  • Limited Availability: Not as widely available as conventional options.
  • Variable Performance: Some may perform differently from traditional highlighters.

PAPERAGE Recycled Highlighter Set

The PAPERAGE Recycled Highlighters are designed with the environment and functionality in mind. These highlighters are part of an eco-friendly range made using 67% recycled plastic. Offered in a pack of 12, they come in six soft and translucent pastel colors. These highlighters provide both functionality and are a step toward sustainability.

PAPERAGE Recycled Highlighter Set


Eco-Friendly: Made from 67% recycled plastic.

Assorted Pastel Colors: Six soft, translucent colors perfect for color-coding and highlighting.

Versatile Chisel Tip: Allows for broad and fine lines, suitable for underlining and highlighting.

Non-Toxic Inks: Water-based and glide smoothly over paper.

Multipurpose: Ideal for notes, drawing, and bullet journaling.

This table should help you understand the different features and suitability of other types of highlighters for various uses.

TypeInk TypeBrightnessDurabilitySuitability for PaperSpecial Features
Liquid Ink HighlightersLiquid inkVery brightIt can dry out if left uncappedCan bleed through thin paperVisible ink supply
Dry HighlightersNone (wax or solid stick)Moderate to highIt does not dry outNo bleedSmudge-resistant
Pastel HighlightersSoft pastel inkSoft and subtleCan fade over timeLess likely to bleedGentle on eyes
Gel HighlightersGel inkModerate to brightIt does not dry outNo bleedSmooth application
Double-Ended HighlightersVaries (can include any type)VariesIt depends on the ink typeVariesMultiple tips or colors
Erasable HighlightersErasable inkVariesCan erase and rewriteUsually, it does not bleedErasable
Eco-Friendly HighlightersVaries (usually less toxic or recycled materials)VariesVaries (depends on materials used)VariesEnvironmentally friendly

Different types of highlighters cater to specific needs and preferences, depending on factors like paper type, visibility requirements, and personal taste in color and application style.

To learn more about different types of highlighter set products, click here: Top 20 Highlighter Sets In 2024.


What types of highlighter is best for not bleeding through paper?

Gel and dry (stick) highlighters are typically the best options to avoid bleeding through paper. Gel highlighters glide smoothly and are less likely to soak through pages, while dry highlighters provide a wax-based marking that doesn’t permeate paper.

Gel highlighters are ideal for glossy pages. Unlike liquid ink, gel highlighters do not smudge on slick surfaces and provide clear, visible markings without bleeding.

If left uncapped, highlighters can dry out, especially liquid ink highlighters. To prevent this, ensure the cap is securely fastened after each use. Stick and gel highlighters are more resistant to drying out, even if left uncapped for longer periods.

At Honeyoung, a stationery supplier, we provide a wide range of high-quality highlighters for various applications, whether for school, office, or creative projects.

Pastel highlighters offer softer, lighter hues that are easier on the eyes and work well for long reading sessions or when a more subtle highlighting is preferred. Neon highlighters provide bright, vivid colors that make text stand out sharply, which is ideal for drawing attention to critical information.

Liquid ink highlighters use a water-based ink that flows easily and provides a vibrant, translucent color. They are perfect for highlighting texts where high visibility is required. However, they might not be suitable for fragile paper as they can bleed through.

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