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Blackboard Chalk

Unleash your creativity and make every message stand out with our premium blackboard chalk.

Crafted for bold lines and easy readability, our chalk selection is perfect for educators, artists, and professionals alike, and can ensure a smooth writing experience on all blackboard surfaces.

Hot Selling Blackboard Chalk

Washable sidewalk chalk
Washable sidewalk chalk
Sidewalk chalk is safe, non-toxic and washable, it can be safely used indoors and outdoors.
Tailors soft marking chalk
Tailors soft marking chalk
Triangle shapes moulded piece of tailor's chalk for temporarily marking fabric, easy grip.
Spray chalk
Spray chalk
High capacity chalk roller kids liquid spray chalk, outdoor sidewalk non toxic chalk.
Sports chalk
Sports chalk
Fitness gym chalk, non-slip sports chalk, used for mountain climbing, weightlifting, gymnastics.
Soft pastels
Soft pastels
The texture of the square artist pastels are soft, moderate, fine and even, and easy to use.
Sidewalk egg chalk
Sidewalk egg chalk
Sidewalk Easter shaped egg chalks, each piece of Easter chalk is shaped like an egg.
Sidewalk chalk
Sidewalk chalk
5 vivid Colors : Blue, Light red, Light Fruit Green, Light Orange, Light Yellow, non-toxic.
Marking chalk
Marking chalk
100 pcs white chalks are great for home, school, summer camp, and so much more ages 3+.
Kids' drawing chalks
Kids' drawing chalks
50 pcs colored and white chalks, it is a good choice for kids who love creating arts.
Edible chalk
Edible chalk
Sidewalk chalk is 7 colors, medium jumbo chalk (10 CM long x 2 CM) is safe and nontoxic.
Chalk pastels
Chalk pastels
12/24/36/48 blocks soft square pastels art set set optional, assorted colors will meet your needs.
Boxed jumbo chalk
Boxed jumbo chalk
The chalk is safety test approved, non-toxic, washable, indoors and outdoors can be use.
Blackboard chalk
Blackboard chalk
100 count paper boxed blackboard non-toxic and dust-free white and colored chalks.
Barreled jumbo chalk
Barreled jumbo chalk
Dustless multicolor bucket sidewalk chalk, play set chalk for children and adults.
No-sharpen invisible chalk
No-sharpen invisible chalk
Invisible without cutting marker, high temperature vanishing pen.

Customization Options For Blackboard Chalk

Most customers will be overwhelmed with the design of the product. That’s okay, just tell us what you need and our professional team will take care of everything for you!

Customization Aspect Options for Blackboard Chalk
Shape Round, Square, Egg shape, Triangle, Pen shape
Color Multicolor, Assorted, White, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Orange
Print method
1 color, 2 color, 4 color, 5 color, 6 color, 8 color, 12 color, 16 color, 22 color
Size 80mm*10mm, 7.5*1*0.8cm, 8*0.95*0.91cm, 14mm*80mm, 25mm*100mm
Package Cartons, Bulk, PVC boxes, Iron boxes
Feature Dust-free, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Erasable, Washable, No Grip, Chalk with Holder, Not easy to break

Furniture paint, Boat painting, Custom sticker, Appliance paint, Restaurant, Home decor

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People Also Ask

Still have questions about blackboard chalk? Before you contact us, perhaps you can find the answers in the FAQs below.

About Blackboard Chalk

We’re pleased to offer dustless chalk options for our customers who prefer minimal dust during use.

Our dustless chalk is specially formulated to produce less dust when writing or erasing, making it a great choice for classrooms, offices, and homes where air quality is a concern.

Keep it Dry: Store your chalk in a dry place to prevent it from absorbing moisture. Moisture can make the chalk soft and more prone to breaking.

Use a Hard Container: A sturdy container protects the chalk from physical damage. Soft bags or pouches might not prevent the chalk from breaking if dropped or pressed against.

Separate Colors: If possible, separate the chalk by color to prevent color transfer and keep your colors bright and true.

Avoid Overcrowding: Try not to cram too much chalk into one container. Overcrowding can cause the chalk to break from pressure against each other.

  • Dustless Chalk: Ideal for those who prefer minimal dust, providing a cleaner and more comfortable environment.
  • Waterproof Chalk: Perfect for outdoor use, this chalk withstands the elements, ensuring your messages and artwork remain vibrant, even in wet conditions.
  • Colored Chalk: Available in a wide range of vivid colors, our colored chalk is perfect for artistic expression and making your messages stand out.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Chalk: A fun option for creative projects that come to life in the dark, adding a unique touch to drawings and messages.

About Pre-Sales Process

Sturdy Boxes: We use strong, durable boxes that are specifically designed to hold the chalk securely in place. This minimizes movement inside the package during transit.

Cushioning Materials: Inside the box, we add cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or foam inserts. These materials absorb shocks and vibrations, providing an extra layer of protection.

Sealed Packaging: The entire package is sealed tightly to prevent the ingress of moisture, which can affect the chalk’s quality and performance.

Clear Labeling: We clearly label our packages with “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” to ensure that carriers are aware of the delicate nature of the contents.

Yes, we certainly do offer bulk packages of chalk tailored specifically for schools, institutions, and other large-scale users.

For more details on bulk orders and to discuss your specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re here to support your educational and institutional needs with quality and affordability.

Absolutely! The safety of our customers, especially the little ones, is a top priority for us.

Our chalk is made from non-toxic, high-quality materials that meet stringent safety standards. It’s designed to be safe for use by children, allowing them to express their creativity on blackboards without any health risks.

We ensure that our chalk undergoes thorough testing to confirm that it’s free from harmful substances, providing peace of mind for parents and educators alike.

Other Questions

Choose Dustless Chalk: Starting with our dustless chalk can significantly reduce the amount of dust produced during use.

Use a Damp Cloth: Wiping the blackboard with a slightly damp cloth after erasing can help collect any remaining dust. Ensure the board is dry before writing on it again.

Proper Erasing Technique: Use a quality felt eraser and apply gentle pressure in a downward motion. This helps collect the dust into the eraser, rather than dispersing it into the air.

Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean both the chalkboard and eraser. For erasers, clap them together outside or use a vacuum to remove the dust.

Yes, our chalk is quite versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces beyond traditional blackboards.

While it’s designed to perform exceptionally well on blackboard surfaces, it can also be applied to other materials such as concrete, asphalt, and wood, making it a great choice for outdoor play, signage, or artistic projects.

However, it’s important to note that the ease of cleaning the chalk off will vary depending on the surface. For non-porous surfaces like glass or metal, the chalk may not adhere as well and could be more challenging to remove.

Use a Quality Eraser: Start by using a felt eraser designed for blackboards. Gently wipe the board in a horizontal direction to remove the bulk of the chalk dust.

Damp Cloth Method: After erasing, you can use a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust and ghosting. Wring out the cloth to ensure it’s not too wet, as excessive moisture can damage some blackboard surfaces.

Dry Cloth Follow-up: After using a damp cloth, go over the board with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. This step helps prevent streaking and ensures the board is ready for immediate use.

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