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Correction Fluid

Correction Fluid

Welcome to our world of top-quality Correction Fluids. Our correction fluid is your go-to for making those mistakes disappear.

At Honeyoung, we take pride in our ability to cater to your specific needs. We specialize in mass production and offer customization options to align with your brand or personal preference. Let’s turn those oops moments into a flawless page with our exceptional correction fluid.

Hot Selling Correction Fluid

big bottle correction fluid
Big bottle correction fluid
Volume: 18ml, with a stainless steel tip, dual-purpose coating, compact and portable.
correction fluid pen
Correction fluid pen
Volume: 7ml, stainless steel metal tip, pen type, rapid drying, provides premium coverage.
liquid correction fluid
Liquid correction fluid
Length: 108mm, volum: 10ml, non-toxic, suitable for students and office workers.
bottle correction fluid
Bottle correction fluid
PP material shell, metal head design, transparent protective cover, anti-slip bottle body.
cute correction fluid pen
Cute correction fluid pen
Volume: 10ml, plastic shell, quick drying, suitable for students, homes, and offices.
bottle liquid correction fluid
Bottle liquid correction fluid
Volume: 18ml, material: methyl\titanium dioxide, synthetic resin shell, steel Metal Tip.
thermal paper correction fluid pen
Thermal paper correction fluid pen
Pen tip size: 10mm, can protect the identity and privacy of the bill from leakage.
cute white correction fluid
Cute white correction fluid
The nib is iron, dual purpose coating and brushing, perfect for correcting errors.
color correction fluid pen
Color correction fluid pen
The rotating cartridge can correction in any direction, perfect for left and right-handed users.
thermal paper correction fluid
Thermal paper correction fluid
Volume: 20ml, plastic shell, for hiding personal information on mail and packages.

Customization Options For Correction Fluid

Most customers will be overwhelmed with the design of the product. That’s okay, just tell us what you need and our professional team will take care of everything for you!

Customization Aspect Options for Correction Fluid
Material Plastic, Nylon, Metal, Titanium dioxide, PS, AS, Foam
Size ‎1 x 5.2 x 8.1 inches, 5.5 x 2.7 x 1 inches, 3 x 1.87 x 3.93 inches, 6.46 x 5.39 x 1.18 inches
Closure Type
Snap, Retractable, Screw off cap, Twist
Point Type Metal, Brush tip, Brush pen, Marker pen, Needle, Ballpoint pen, Brush
Volume 1-7ml, 8-12ml, 13-20ml, 20 & Above
Package OPP bags, Cartons, Bulk, PVC boxes, Blister Cards, Cloth bags
Feature Quick dry, Error correction, Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic, Soft Squeeze Barrel, Long Lasting
Use Faxes, Photocopies, Ink, Permanent marker, Computer, Photocopy printouts, Typewritten documents

What We Offer

Our services are specifically designed to help businesses of all sizes improve their operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance their brand engagement. Enhance your operational efficiencies, streamline costs, and elevate brand engagements through our dedicated services, thoughtfully crafted for businesses of all sizes.

Honeyoung offers a comprehensive solution for clients’ stationery tender orders backed by years of extensive experience across numerous projects.

Transform your brand with custom stationery design services by Honeyoung. Our team provides creative solutions from concept to creation to make your brand stand out.

We provide end-to-end supply chain management services, taking responsibility for all steps from product sampling to shipment.

We understand the importance of confirming product quality. That’s why we offer free samples, encouraging our clients to review and provide feedback, ensuring a collaborative approach to perfection.

People Also Ask

Still have questions about correction fluid? Before you contact us, perhaps you can find the answers in the FAQs below.

About correction fluid Products

  • Quick-Drying: Our formula is designed to dry rapidly, reducing wait time and preventing smudging.
  • Thin, Precise Tip: The thin yet durable tip gives you better control and precision when targeting small errors and tight spaces between letters or numbers.
  • Customizable Options: In line with our specialization in mass production and customization, we offer the flexibility to tailor the fluid to specific needs – be it in formula, consistency, or packaging.
  • Variety of Sizes: Whether at home, school, or office, we offer correction fluid in different sizes (0.5 oz bottle up to a 2 oz squeeze bottle) to meet your needs. Custom office packs are also available.

Our correction fluid is designed to work well on most common paper types – printer paper, notebook paper, stationery, etc.

However, some specialty papers like glossy photo paper or delicate tissues may not pair as nicely with correction fluids. The textures don’t always allow the fluid to grip and dry.

The correction fluid we produce is formulated to be safe for use by people of all ages. We meet all safety regulations for art supplies.

If accidentally swallowed, the tiny amount of fluid needed for correcting words on paper is not expected to cause major issues. Rinsing out the mouth thoroughly with water should alleviate any minor irritation.

About Pre-Sales Process

Unfortunately, customizing correction fluid isn’t feasible for our manufacturing process. To keep costs low and quality high, we need to mass-produce a single formula. Offering custom fluids would require small batch production, which takes more time and reduces efficiency.

As a stationery manufacturer. It is difficult for us to determine the price of each product in advance. The best way remains to negotiate the price together with the customer. The higher the purchase quantity, the lower the unit price.

Please send us product requests or designs. We will arrange for staff to make samples and mail them to customers as soon as possible.

About correction fluid Production

Our correction fluid bottles are made from high-density polyethylene plastic which is widely accepted for recycling. However, the availability of recycling programs differs by location.

As a company, we’re working on increasing the recycled content we use in our packaging and reducing plastic waste.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Here’s how we maintain our high standards:

  • Raw Material Inspection: We start by carefully selecting and inspecting all raw materials to ensure they meet our quality criteria.
  • Consistency Checks: During production, we regularly test for consistency in color, texture, and drying time to ensure every batch meets our standards.
  • Performance Testing: Our correction fluid undergoes various tests to confirm its effectiveness, including coverage, ease of application, and longevity.
  • Packaging Integrity: We also check the packaging for any defects to ensure secure and safe containment of the product.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Throughout production, our team closely monitors each step, swiftly addressing any issues that may arise.

Efficiency and innovation are key in our manufacturing process. Here’s how we do it:

  • Streamlined Production: Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that streamlines the production process, reducing labor costs and time.
  • Bulk Material Purchasing: By purchasing raw materials in bulk, we negotiate better prices, which in turn keeps our production costs down.
  • Quality Control Systems: We have robust quality control systems in place to minimize waste and ensure every batch meets our high standards without needing rework.
  • Continuous Improvement: We regularly review and optimize our processes for efficiency, ensuring we’re always producing the best product at the lowest possible cost.
  • Economies of Scale: As we specialize in mass production, the larger scale of our operations allows us to distribute overhead costs across a greater volume of products, reducing the cost per unit.

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