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Our Sample Policy

Samples are the bridge to collaboration. Our sample policy is designed to help you visualize and refine your products, thus ensuring improved stationery results. We offer various types of samples and prototypes to fulfill all your needs.

Samples crafted for everyone

We have crafted samples to help you make informed decisions no matter what stage you are at in the product development process to guarantee results.

Design Draft
Design Draft

A design draft is the first step in turning an idea into reality. At this stage, we tweak the details an infinite number of times to ensure the project goes smoothly.

Sample Without Logo01
Sample without logo

No Logo sample is commonly used for testing product structures, sizing, and material evaluation. Ideal for small run projects.

Sample With Logo01
Sample with logo

Samples bearing your logo enable you to evaluate the product’s compatibility with your branding strategy.

Production Sample01
Production Sample

Production quality samples are commonly used for final evaluation before mass production.

Contact our product specialists for samples

Should you decide to honor us with your order, we pledge to waive the sample fees, integrating them into your project as a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and partnership. 

Together, let’s turn visions into tangible successes, blending the stationery with the essence of your unique needs.

Efficient Contact

Perfect purchase every time

With preliminary samples, potential problems and challenges can be identified in the early stages of a project, thus avoiding costly revisions at a later stage. This not only improves efficiency but also helps to control the project budget.

Lots Of Stationery Prototypes​

Lots of stationery prototypes

Honeyoung Stationery offers up to 10,000 stationery sample prototypes.
Please get in touch with our product specialists for sample support.

100% Customized​


100% customized

Free Sample Policy​

Free Sample Policy

There is a sample fee for customized samples, but if you finally place an order with us. The sample fee will be reduced in the official order.

The reduction percentage is determined by the size of the order, so please speak with one of our product specialists.

Speedy Arrival​


Speedy Arrival

Time is money.

We use national first-class courier brands so that customers can receive samples in the shortest possible time. 

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