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Custom Sticky Notes

Discover the colorful world of our sticky notes collection!

Perfect for jotting down reminders, marking pages, or leaving quick notes, our sticky notes come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to suit your every need.

Whether you’re organizing your work desk, planning your week, or adding annotations to your studies, our sticky notes stick right where you need them and remove them cleanly without fuss.

Hot Selling Sticky Notes

Apple sticky notes
Apple sticky notes
High quality sticky notes with nice adhesive, not easy to fall off or fade, it is a great gift choice.
Colorful sticky notes
Colorful sticky notes
Sticky notes with 5 bright colors and portable size, easy to post for office, school and home.
Custom sticky notes
Custom sticky notes
Chinese style custom sticky notes, printed style post-it note set, the best gift for your child.
Small sticky notes
Small sticky notes
Index sticky memo notes, classification sticky notes, marking stickers, easy to paste and tear off.
Translucent sticky notes
Translucent sticky notes
Clear and colored sticker note, office school notes sticker, transparent memo notes sticker.
Funny sticky notes
Funny sticky notes
Personalized design funny sticky note, printing sticky note set with anime pattern for students.
Heart shape sticky notes
Heart shape sticky notes
Heart shape sticky notes with 7 bright colors, self-stick pads notebook, enough to meet your daily needs.
Large sticky note pad
Large sticky note pad
Large sticky note pad, to do list planner, tear-off planning notepad, very practical in use, beautiful pattern,
Lined sticky notes
Lined sticky notes
Lined Sticky Notes with medium size, portable, bright color, making your message more noticeable.
Origami sticky note
Origami sticky note
200 sheets double sided origami paper, suitable for crafts, it can training children's manipulative ability.
Personalized sticky notes
Personalized sticky notes
Lightcolored line sticky notes, smooth writing, simple design, making your life and work more pleasant and efficient.
Reusable sticky notes
Reusable sticky notes
Transparent sticky notes page marker, environmentally friendly and easy to write, flexible and durable.
Sticky note tabs
Sticky note tabs
Eco friendly writing notepad with sticky notes and ball pen, perfect for office as well as personal use.
Creative sticky notes
Creative sticky notes
Simple morandi color sticky notes with strong sticky, it can be posted on the paper, wall, blackboard and so on.
Cute sticky notes
Cute sticky notes
80 student sticky notes, cute style, strong stickiness, suitable for students, girls and children.

Customization Options For Sticky Notes

Most customers will be overwhelmed with the design of the product. That’s okay, just tell us what you need and our professional team will take care of everything for you!

Customization Aspect Options For Sticky Notes
Style Little Fresh, Antiquity, Cartoon, Creativity, Transparent, Three-dimensional
Shape Round, Rectangle, Square, Custom shape
Size 1.5*2 inch, 3*3 inch, 3*4 inch, 4*6 inch, Customized size
Material Paper, Offset paper, Plastic, Colored paper, Kraft paper, Recycled paper, PET
Package OPP bags, Cartons, Bulk, PVC boxes, Blister Cards, Paper tubes
Color White, Black, Pink, Blue, Customized colors
Silk screen printing, Offset printing, Embossing printing, Letterpress printing, Gravure printing, Thermal transfer printing
Surface Finishing
Matte lamination, Matte varnishing, Gloss varnishing, Hot stamping, Film lamination, Uv varnishing, Gold stamping, Gloss lamination
Feature Self-adhesive, loose leaf, Environmentally friendly, Multifunction, Waterproof
Use Office, School, Gift, Promotional items, Take notes

What We Offer

Our services are specifically designed to help businesses of all sizes improve their operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance their brand engagement. Enhance your operational efficiencies, streamline costs, and elevate brand engagements through our dedicated services, thoughtfully crafted for businesses of all sizes.

Honeyoung offers a comprehensive solution for clients’ stationery tender orders backed by years of extensive experience across numerous projects.

Transform your brand with custom stationery design services by Honeyoung. Our team provides creative solutions from concept to creation to make your brand stand out.

We provide end-to-end supply chain management services, taking responsibility for all steps from product sampling to shipment.

We understand the importance of confirming product quality. That’s why we offer free samples, encouraging our clients to review and provide feedback, ensuring a collaborative approach to perfection.

People Also Ask

Still have questions about the sticky notes? Before you contact us, perhaps you can find the answers in the FAQs below.

About Sticky Notes

We offer a wide variety of sticky notes in different shapes to cater to your creative and organizational needs.

Our collection includes traditional square and rectangular sticky notes, perfect for jotting down reminders or leaving messages.

Additionally, we have sticky notes in unique shapes such as hearts, arrows, stars, and more, which are great for highlighting important information or adding a personal touch to your workspace.

Typically, the adhesive quality can last for several months to a year, depending on the surface they’re adhered to and the environmental conditions.

They’re crafted to stick securely to papers, walls, monitors, and other typical surfaces without leaving residue when removed.

It’s worth noting that extremely hot or cold temperatures, as well as very humid or dry conditions, can affect the longevity of the adhesive.

We can offer eco-friendly sticky note options.

They are made from recycled paper and use a non-toxic, water-based adhesive.

These notes are designed to provide the same level of convenience and functionality as our standard sticky notes while minimizing their environmental impact.

About Pre-Sales Process

Yes, we offer customization options for sticky notes to meet your needs.

Customizing sticky notes is a fantastic way to promote your brand, organization, or personal style.

Whether handed out to clients, used within your organization, or for any other purpose, they constantly remind your brand or message.

Yes, the adhesive materials used on our sticky notes are safe and non-toxic.

The adhesive is water-based and designed to be strong enough to stick where you need it while being safe for use by people of all ages, including children.

Our commitment to safety extends to rigorous testing of our products to ensure they meet or exceed relevant safety regulations.

Placing an order for customized sticky notes is a straightforward process designed to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Here’s a step-by-step guide: confirm your customized product style, place your order, produce, and deliver.

For further assistance or to start your order, you can contact us directly through our website, by email, or by phone.

Other Questions

Most of the sticky notes are designed with the flexibility to be reused and repositioned.

The ability to reposition sticky notes can depend on the type of surface they’re adhered to and the length of time they remain in one spot.

For best results, stick them on clean, smooth, and dry surfaces.

Over time, the adhesive may become less effective.

To preserve the adhesive quality of your sticky notes and ensure their longevity, proper storage is key.

Here are some tips: keep them in a cool, dry place, in original packaging, avoid humidity, and flat surfaces, stack them neatly, and use them within a reasonable time.

We can offer waterproof options for sticky notes.

Our waterproof sticky notes are designed to withstand moisture and splashes of water without compromising their integrity or losing their stickiness.

These waterproof sticky notes are ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories, or any other places where they might be exposed to water.

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