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production base of Honeyoung

About Honeyoung

Established in 1998, Honeyoung stands as a premier manufacturer and exporter of a diverse range of stationery products. Hailing from China, we take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality stationery items to B2B clients worldwide.

Our primary focus is on serving B2B clients, including brand companies, large-scale retail chains, supermarkets, stores, wholesalers, and importers. We understand the unique requirements of each segment and tailor our offerings to meet their specific demands.

Embark on a journey of global triumph with Honeyoung. Our robust export network not only establishes a seamless connection with customers worldwide but also serves as a testament to our commitment to global excellence.

BSCI for Honeyoung stationery
SEDEX for stationery
ISO9001 for stationery

Ultimate Stationery Supplier

As long as you’re willing to work with us, we are willing to provide you endless support in order to achieve your ultimate custom stationery goal.

Full range of supply chains

We provide stationery across all categories to ensure you enjoy a comprehensive and convenient one-stop shopping experience.

Manufacturing Excellence

Modern production equipment and strict management system ensure the excellent quality of each product, adding value to your brand.

Experienced In Industry

25+ years of stationery industry experience offer a full range of stationery product choices.

No Distance Service

Dealing with customer problems in a timely and effective manner is our most basic service principle.

advantage of Honeyoung

Our History

Anhui Honeyoung International Trade Development CO., LTD., proudly traces its roots to China. From a modest 100-square-meter office with five dedicated individuals, we initiated exports of bags, stationery, exercise books, and more. In our very first year, our commitment and drive propelled us to achieve a remarkable $2 million in total export volume.
First Office Building
We bought 13300 square meters of office park and built an office building on it. We had 20 employees that year, including design, sales,finance and Quality Control, etc.
Notebook Factory
Our first wholly-owned note book factory established.
Backpack Factory
We established wholly-owned backpack factory. In the beginning we had only 2 production line with 30+ workers.
Important Certifications
Our factory passed Disney authentication and SEDEX. And then we started to cooperate with Disney and Walmart.
Stationery Set
4 production lines with over 60 workers. We began to provide backpack, exercise notebooks and stationery set to clients from African and Middle East countries.
First Industrial Parks
We moved our factory to a 33300 square meters wholly-owned production base. We owned 6 production lines and hired over 100 workers that year.
Pencil Factory
Our wholly-owned pencil factory established.
Second Industrial Park
The stationery base in Hubei was established, our company employees were 200. That year we reached 20 million USD sales volume in total.
Development Without Stopping
We extended our production base in Hubei, the number of workers is over 300 now. We have 50 office employees. The departments includes Design, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Quality Control, Document, etc.

Walking Alongside a Battle-Tested Team

Armed with a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and evolving dynamics of every global stationery market, our team stands as a beacon of expertise in the industry. From pinpointing market trends to anticipating customer needs, we navigate the intricacies of the global stationery landscape with precision.

What sets us apart is not just our knowledge but our proactive approach. Every team member is driven by a shared commitment to excellence, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. We take pride in being at the forefront of the industry, constantly adapting to changes, and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.

Our Dynamic Team in Action

Our vibrant team, captured in the spirited moments of our recent team-building event, radiates energy, enthusiasm, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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