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Top 20 Highlighter Sets In 2024

Top 20 Highlighter Sets In 2024

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Table of Contents

Bulk buyers of marker pen, rejoice! Enjoy our customized solutions and great prices designed for your success and quality assurance.

In the vibrant world of stationery, highlighters stand as unsung heroes, transforming mundane texts into a canvas of colorful annotations that brighten up pages and enhance learning and organization.

From the fluorescent bursts of color that capture our attention to the subtle elegance of pastel shades that soothe our eyes, the diversity within the highlighter market caters to every preference and purpose.

Whether you’re a student aiming to underline key study notes, a professional organizing document, or an artist adding flair to your journal, the perfect highlighter set awaits you.

20 Highlighter Sets Product

7 Types Of Highlighter Sets

In this article, Honeyoung, a stationery supplier, tested hundreds of highlighters and selected 20 products. After an extensive evaluation process that scrutinized ink flow, durability, usability, and environmental impact, these highlighters have been chosen for their superior performance and versatility.

Each product on this list has been carefully tested to ensure that it meets the high standards expected by casual users and professionals. From smudge-proof formulas to eco-friendly materials, these highlighters stand out in the market for their quality and innovation.

1. BIC Brite Liner Highlighters

This item is a pack of five BIC Brite Liner Highlighters in assorted colors, including yellow, pink, blue, green, and orange, designed to cater to various highlighting needs. Each highlighter features a versatile chisel tip that allows for broad highlighting and fine underlining, ensuring precision in marking texts.

The highlighters are filled with translucent ink that not only brings attention to important information on the page but also allows the text beneath to remain visible and unobscured. Remarkably, these long-lasting highlighters can write up to eight hours without drying out, even if the cap is accidentally left off.

Ink Color5 (yellow, pink, blue, green, orange)
Tip TypeChisel for versatile highlighting and underlining
Ink TransparencyTranslucent, enhances visibility without obscuring text
DurabilityWrites up to eight hours without drying out, even uncapped
SafetyACMI-approved, ideal for school or office use

2. Sharpie Pocket Style Highlighters

The Sharpie Pocket Highlighters set offers vivid, high-contrast shades that effectively bring colorful emphasis to your text, enhancing both visibility and readability. Designed for comfort and convenience, these super slim highlighters are easy to control and light on the hands, making them ideal for extended study sessions.

They are also compact, which facilitates easy storage. The highlighters feature a user-friendly, quick-drying, and odorless formula that is AP-certified, ensuring safety and quality. They also resist smearing on many pen and marker inks, provided the ink can dry before highlighting.

Ink Color6 (Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Lavender, and Blue)
Tip TypeChisel, versatile for both broad and fine lines
Pack Size12 Count (Pack of 1)
Quick-Dryingink must dry before highlighting
Odorlesswith an AP-certified formula

3. Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter

The Zebra Pen Mildliner Highlighters are a versatile creative tool ideal for various artistic and organizational tasks. Each marker features a dual-tip design with a broad chisel tip on one end and a fine bullet point on the other, making them perfect for everything from highlighting to detailed hand lettering and other forms of creative expression.

The ink is translucent and water-resistant, allowing for beautiful layering without bleeding through the page, making these markers especially suitable for coloring books. For added convenience, each marker includes a color-coded clip on the bold end to identify the desired shade quickly, and they come with a reusable storage case, ensuring that you can bring your creative toolkit wherever you go.

Ink Color 5 (includes mild pink, mild orange, mild yellow, mild blue, and mild blue-green)
Pack Size 5-Pack
Tip Type Dual-tip design featuring a broad chisel and fine bullet point
Ink Type Translucent, water-resistant, does not bleed through
Additional Features Color-coded clips for easy color identification, comes with a reusable storage case

4. Mr. Pen Candy Colors Pastel Highlighters

 The Mr. Pen highlighter set features a durable, quick-drying ink that resists smearing and smudging, ensuring your highlighted text remains clean and clear. Additionally, the ink is fade-resistant, maintaining the clarity of your notes over time.

The ergonomic design of the highlighters makes them comfortable to hold, preventing soreness during prolonged use, and they are designed not to roll off surfaces when laid down. The chisel tip is versatile, allowing for both broad and fine lines, making these highlighters ideal for various uses, including highlighting scriptures, notes, and journals.

Ink Color8 assorted candy colors
Pack Size8-Pack
Tip TypeChisel, for wide and narrow lines
Ink FeaturesQuick-drying, no bleed, and fade-resistant
UsesIdeal for writing, highlighting scriptures, notes, journals, and books
Additional FeaturesErgonomic design for comfort, does not roll on the desk

5. BIC Brite Liner Grip Pastel Highlighter

This 12-count pack offers thin highlighters with a versatile chisel tip for fine and broad lines, ideal for precise and extensive highlighting. Designed for durability, each marker can write for up to 8 hours without a cap and will not dry out, ensuring long-lasting use.

The highlighters feature soft rubber grips, providing added comfort and control, making them perfect for extended study sessions. With a marker point size of 1.6 mm, these highlighters are functional and stylish, making them perfect aesthetic school supplies for back-to-school.

Ink Color6 (Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink)
Pack Size12-Count (Pack of 1)
Tip TypeChisel, for both fine and broad lines
UsageExcellent for writing
FeaturesCan write up to 8 hours without drying out, even if uncapped
ErgonomicsFeatures soft rubber grips for added comfort and control

6. LABUK 12pcs Highlighters

This 12-pack of pastel highlighters features a range of cute, smudge-free colors designed to enhance your studying without overwhelming the text. Each highlighter has a soft chisel tip for smooth writing and a water-based ink that dries quickly, ensuring clean use without smearing on hands or sleeves.

The highlighters are thoughtfully designed with a square pestle shape and a secure cap to prevent loss, making them easy to hold and carry. Lightweight and suitable for various applications, these highlighters are perfect for school, office, or travel use.

Ink Color12(Assorted pastel colors)
Pack Size12 Count
Tip TypeSoft chisel for smooth, versatile lines
Ink TransparencyWater-based, quick-drying, and smudge-free
UsageIdeal for writing in journals, bibles, and planners
Design FeaturesErgonomic with a square pestle design, secure cap

7. Mr. Pen Highlighters Pastel Gel 8 Pack

The Mr. Pen Bible Highlighters are designed for precision and ease of use, featuring a pastel gel 8-pack with assorted colors that cater to various highlighting needs. These highlighters ensure no bleed-through on any type of paper, including Bibles and magazines, and they remain smear-free and smooth even if left uncapped.

Ideal for color coding, journaling, and memorizing texts, they feature a twist-up gel stick design that can be sharpened for a finer tip, enhancing versatility.

Ink ColorAssorted pastel colors
Pack Size8 Pack
Tip TypeCan Be Sharpened For Finer Tip
Ink FeaturesGel stick, no bleed, no smear, twist-up design
Special AttributesDoes not dry out if left uncapped, smooth writing experience
UsageIdeal for color coding, journaling, and memorizing texts in Bibles or other books

8. G.T. LC No Bleed Solid Gel Highlighter

The Bible Safe Gel Highlighters set includes six vivid neon fluorescent colors: yellow, blue, green, pink, violet, and orange. These highlighters are designed to not bleed through any paper, including thin Bible paper, ensuring archival quality that won’t fade or smear other inks.

Featuring a twist-up gel stick design for smooth application, these highlighters can be sharpened for a finer tip, making them perfect for Bible study, journaling, and color coding. The set also has a sturdy storage pouch with a Bible color code, adding functionality and convenience for various research and organizational tasks.

Ink Color6 (Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Violet, Orange)
Pack SizeSet of 6
Tip TypeMedium
Ink TypeGel, no bleed, archival quality
UsesIdeal for Bible study, journaling, and color coding
FeaturesTwist-up gel stick that can be sharpened for finer tips, glides smoothly, does not fade or smear

9. DIVERSEBEE 8 Pack Gel Highlighters

The Bible Safe Dry Highlighters offer eight stylish colors explicitly designed for no-bleed performance on thin papers like those found in Bibles, making them ideal for journaling and memorizing verses.

These aesthetic highlighters are perfect for color coding and highlighting favorite passages without fading or smearing other inks. They feature a twistable design that can be sharpened for a finer tip, enhancing their usability for creative journaling.

Ink Color8 assorted pastel colors
Pack Size8-Pack
Ink TypeGel, no bleed, does not fade or smear
FeaturesTwistable design that can be sharpened for a finer tip
Durabilitydoes not dry out if left uncapped
UsesIdeal for journaling, color coding, and highlighting passages in books

10. Pilot Frixion Erasable Highlighter Pen

These highlighters are unique due to their thermo-sensitive ink, which can be erased by rubbing with the particular rubber end built into each highlighter. This feature allows for correcting mistakes or adjustments in highlighting without leaving any residue or shavings.

The ink also reappears at temperatures below 14°F (-10°C), which can be attractive for experiments with temperature. Made with 87% recycled materials, these highlighters are an eco-friendly choice. However, due to the ink’s sensitivity to temperature changes, they are not recommended for documents exposed to high heat or intended for mailing.

Ink Color 6 soft colors (Soft Pink, Soft Orange, Soft Yellow, Soft Green, Soft Blue, Soft Violet)
Pack Size 6-Pack
Tip Type Chisel
Ink Type Thermo-sensitive, erasable
Features Erasable with a special rubber end to adjust or remove markings

11. Crayola Take Note Erasable Highlighters

The Crayola Take Note Chisel Tip Erasable Highlighters set includes six vibrant colors, from classic yellow to bold orange. These highlighters are uniquely designed for erasing without damage, featuring a precise ink tip opposite the colored end to correct any over-highlighting.

Each marker’s chisel tip supports thick and thin lines suitable for highlighting and underlining. Perfect for various at-home activities and crafts, these highlighters keep creativity flowing, making them an essential addition to school supplies for teachers and students.

Ink Color 6 vibrant colors (including classic yellow and bold orange)
Pack Size 6-Pack
Tip Type Chisel, suitable for both thick and thin lines
Ink Type Erasable, featuring a clear ink tip for easy corrections
Usage Perfect for writing, highlighting, and erasing as needed
Features Erasable highlighters that allow for correction, ideal for home crafts and indoor activities

12. Pilot FriXion Light Pastel Erasable Highlighters

The Pilot erasable highlighter combines stress-free highlighting with innovative design. It features a chisel tip and thermo-sensitive ink that allows you to highlight, erase, and re-highlight without damaging your documents or textbooks.

This highlighter is exceptionally versatile, delivering soft pastel marks that can be erased cleanly every time, ensuring your books and papers remain pristine. Additionally, the quick-drying ink does not bleed through paper nor smudge or smear.

Ink ColorAssorted pastel colors
Pack Size14 Count (Pack of 1)
Tip TypeChisel, ideal for both broad and fine lines
Ink TypeThermo-sensitive, erasable ink
UsageSuitable for highlighting text in homework, textbooks, notes, and documents without permanent marking
FeaturesErasable ink allows for correcting mistakes without damaging the paper
Ink Featuresquick-drying ink that does not bleed through, smudge, or smear

13. Fruity Torpedoes 6 Scented Highlighters

The Torpedo Highlighter Pens set from Tinc features six pens, each with a unique fruity fragrance, enhancing the experience of highlighting text or images. These pens come in vibrant colors and are designed to stand out on any page, which is ideal for differentiating aspects of your work.

They are ergonomically shaped like missiles for comfortable use and include a hole for attachment to a keyring or lanyard, making them easily accessible. The set is neatly stored in a display box with a magnet-sealed lid, ensuring organized and handy storage.

Ink ColorAssorted vibrant colors (including blue and pink)
Pack Size6-Pack
Tip TypeChisel, suitable for both broad and fine lines
FeaturesEach pen emits a different fruity fragrance, enhancing the user experience during activities like homework or highlighting.
DesignErgonomically shaped like a torpedo for comfortable use; each pen includes a hole for attachment to a keyring or lanyard.
PackagingComes in a display box with a magnetic sealed lid for easy storage and access.

14. Ooly Yummy Yummy Scented Highlighters

The OOLY Yummy Yummy Scented Highlighters set features six different colors and unique fruity scents, each designed not to bleed and quick to dry, making them perfect for school or as teacher gifts.

These markers are versatile, with a chisel tip suitable for highlighting larger sections, and are non-toxic, ensuring safety for users of all ages. Ideal for various uses, from note-taking to art projects, these highlighters can enhance stationery sets or be a thoughtful gift for educators.

Ink ColorMultiple pastel colors
Pack Size
Tip TypeFlexible chisel for smooth gliding
FeaturesFruit-scented, enhancing the user’s experience during study or creative sessions.
Dimensions0.6″ x 7.01″ x 7.64″
Age SuitabilityFor ages 3 and up, with a choking hazard warning for children under 3 years

15. Chosch 6 Macaron Colors Scented Highlighters

This set of six pastel highlighters combines appealing aesthetics with functionality. Each pen is uniquely scented with different floral fragrances designed to enhance your working or studying experience. The highlighters feature a distinctive lipstick-shaped barrel with a transparent cap, ensuring comfortable use and adding a touch of style.

The versatile chisel tip allows for both broad and fine lines, making them suitable for highlighting text or images. Packaged beautifully, these highlighters make an ideal gift for any occasion, blending practicality with creative flair.

Ink Color6 assorted pastel macaron colors
Pack Size
Tip TypeChisel, allowing for both broad and narrow lines
FeaturesScented with six different floral fragrances
Unique lipstick-shaped with a transparent cap
DimensionsPen size 11cm
UsageIdeal for marking text or images, ensuring distinct visibility.

16. Mr. Pen 8 Pack Glitter Highlighters

This pack of 8 Mr. Pen metallic highlighters offers a range of bright, shimmering colors that bring a captivating touch to any text or artwork. Each highlighter produces a unique metallic hue, ideal for making notes, underlining, or adding a standout finish to projects.

They contain premium, water-based ink that is quick-drying and smear-proof, ensuring clean and precise marking. The durable chisel tip allows for smooth application and is capable of broad highlights and fine lines. These highlighters are ergonomically designed to minimize hand fatigue during extended use.

Ink ColorMetallic, includes 8 different shimmering hues
Pack Size8-Pack
Tip TypeChisel, for versatile application from broad highlights to fine lines
Ink TypePremium, water-based, quick-drying, and smear-proof
FeaturesMetallic colors enhance the visual appeal of text and artwork
DesignErgonomic grip for reduced hand fatigue
Perfect for schoolwork, office tasks, craft projects, and journaling

17. Faber-Castell Metallic Highlighter Set

Add a touch of sparkle to your notes with Faber-Castell glitter highlighters. These versatile 3-in-1 chisel tip highlighters allow for precise application with 1, 2, and 5 mm line widths, perfect for journaling and making your pages stand out.

The ink is smudge-proof, offers even color laydown on various papers, and has a subtle shimmer that enhances without overwhelming. The flat, ergonomic design prevents them from rolling off your desk, ensuring they are always within reach for adding shimmer to journals, planners, and notes.

Ink ColorAssorted metallic shades(Pearl Rose, Precious Green, Magnificent Blue, Glamorous Gold, Shiny Silver, Glorious Red, Shimmering Violet, and Brilliant Ruby)
Pack Size8-Pack
Tip Type3-in-1 chisel tip for versatile line widths (1, 2, and 5 mm)
Ink TypeWater-based, odorless, and smudge-proof with a subtle glitter finish
DesignErgonomic, flat design that prevents rolling off surfaces
Highlighter barrels and packaging made from 100% recycled materials
UsageIdeal for journaling, bullet journaling supplies, and adding shimmer to notes and crafts

18. ZEYAR Aesthetic Highlighter Pen

The ZEYAR highlighter set, a USA brand, offers a unique palette of 8 Mystic Gems Colors split. These highlighters feature bright, metallic color effects that enhance your handwritten texts with a mystic feel.

The user-friendly design features a short and wide body that’s easy to hold and fits nicely in your pocket. The ink is water-based, non-toxic, acid-free, and conforms to ASTM D-4236 standards, ensuring safety and quality. The chisel tip is versatile, allowing line widths from 1mm to 4mm.

Ink Color8 Mystic Gems Colors(Mystic Gold, Shiny Silver, Champagne Peach, Carbuncle Pink, Tanzanite Sapphire, Turquoise Green, Dark Amethyst, and Pearl Rose)
Pack Size8-Pack
Tip TypeChisel, allowing for line widths of 1mm to 4mm

Ink Type

Water-based, conforms to ASTM D-4236, non-toxic, acid-free
FeaturesBright metallic colors, suitable for emphasizing text with subtle shimmer effects
DesignComfortable, short, and wide body for easy handling and portability

19. Pastel Eco Friendly Focused Square Highlighters

The Pastel Eco-Friendly Focused Square Highlighters offer a fun and functional way to brighten your notes. These compact highlighters are 4.5 inches long and come in soft hues like blush, mint, robin, and lilac.

Each pen has a unique, fun, rounded rectangular barrel made with 74% recycled plastic, emphasizing sustainability with recyclable packaging. Ideal for highlighting, underscoring, and color-coding, these smear-proof highlighters are imported and perfectly blend eco-consciousness with vibrant, practical use.

Ink Color 4 soft pastel colors (blush, mint, robin, lilac)
Pack Size 4-Pack
Pen Length 4.5 inches
Material Made with 74% recycled plastic
Design Features a fun, rounded, rectangular barrel for easy handling
Eco-Friendly Attributes Strong commitment to environmental sustainability
Usage Ideal for highlighting, underscoring, and color-coding with smear-proof ink
Features Compact and functionally designed for both practical and creative uses.

20. Bonvan Eco-friendly Recyclable Highlighter Pen

The Bonvan Eco-friendly Recyclable Highlighter Pen Marker is designed with sustainability, features a chisel fiber tip, and is constructed from wheat straw. This set includes six fluorescent pastel colors, each with a pen clip for easy carrying—ideal for school use.

The highlighter sets are non-erasable and are specifically manufactured for promotional purposes, offering a standard size. These markers are perfect for writing and drawing. Packaging options vary from simple bags to colored boxes or tubes, ensuring flexibility for wholesale needs.

Ink Color6 vibrant colors
MaterialPlastic highlighter marker pen
Pack Size OptionsAvailable in sets (6 pieces, 4 pieces, bulk)
Tip TypeChisel, for broad and fine lines
Packaging OptionsVersatile packaging choices include an opp bag, blister card, colored box, tube, etc.
FeaturesNot erasable, not suitable for dual-side writing; oblique brush tip
UsageIdeal for promotional purposes, suitable for writing and drawing

The above are the 20 Highlighter Set products we recommend for you. Each set has been carefully selected to cater to various needs, whether you’re a student, a professional, or a creative artist. 

Also, if you want to know more about types of marker pens, click here: 7 Prominent Types Of Marker Pens In 2024.

Types of Highlighter Sets

Highlighters can be divided into the following categories—fluorescent, pastel, gel, erasable, scented, eco-friendly, and glitter. Each type offers a distinct advantage.

Let’s explore the different types of highlighter sets available, guiding you through their features, pros, cons, and what makes them stand out in a crowded market.

1. Fluorescent Highlighter Sets

Fluorescent Highlighter Sets

Fluorescent Highlighter Sets:

They are a staple in stationery, known for their vivid, bright colors that stand out on any page. The primary purpose of fluorescent highlighters is to emphasize critical information in texts, such as educational materials, organizational documents, or personal study notes.

These highlighters often come in various neon colors, including yellow, pink, green, orange, and blue, allowing users to organize and categorize information colorfully and effectively.

2. Pastel Highlighter Sets

Pastel Highlighter Sets

Pastel Highlighter Sets:

They are popular among those who prefer a softer, more understated approach to highlighting text. These sets typically include a range of gentle, soothing colors such as soft pink, sky blue, mint green, peach, lavender, and pale yellow.

They are often used not only for highlighting but also for artistic purposes like bullet journaling and scrapbooking.

3. Gel Highlighter Sets

Gel Highlighter Sets

Gel Highlighter Sets:

They feature a unique gel stick technology that uses a crayon-like wax substance to mark text, distinct from the liquid ink used in traditional highlighters. This composition makes gel highlighters suitable for thin or glossy papers where liquid ink might smudge or bleed through.

4. Erasable Highlighter Sets

Erasable Highlighter Sets

Erasable Highlighter Sets:

They provide a unique feature that allows you to remove the highlighting from a page, offering flexibility in marking important text. These highlighters typically use an erasable ink formula that can be rubbed off or erased with a special eraser at the end of the highlighter or through friction.

5. Scented Highlighter Sets

Scented Highlighter Sets

Scented Highlighter Sets:

They are designed to make marking and organizing documents more enjoyable by infusing the ink with various fragrances. Each color in a scented highlighter set typically corresponds to a different scent, such as strawberry, lemon, or mint, adding a sensory experience to your studying or reading activities.

6. Glitter Highlighter Sets

Glitter Highlighter Sets

Glitter Highlighter Sets:

They are a fun and eye-catching alternative to traditional highlighters, featuring sparkly ink that adds a shimmering touch to your notes and creative projects. These highlighters are often used for arts and crafts, decorating, or making written content stand out with glamour.

7. Eco-friendly Highlighter Sets

Eco-Friendly Highlighter Sets

Eco-friendly Highlighter Sets:

They are designed sustainably, using materials and formulations that minimize environmental impact. These highlighters often feature recycled plastic bodies, refillable ink systems, or inks made from natural sources. The aim is to offer a more environmentally conscious option for those frequently using highlighters for work, school, or personal projects.

Dive into finding the different highlighter set that meets your specific requirements, elevating your study or work sessions with efficiency and a splash of color.

How to choose before buying

Choosing the proper highlighter set can significantly enhance your note-taking, studying, and organizational tasks. Here are some key factors to consider before purchasing highlighter sets:

Type of Highlighter: Determine the type of highlighter that best suits your needs.

TypeColorsBest UseProsConsInk Type
FluorescentBright and vividMarking important textHigh visibilityCan be overpoweringWater-based
PastelSoft and subtleAesthetic note-takingGentle on the eyesMight be too faintWater-based
GelTranslucent and boldNon-bleeding applicationsDoes not bleed throughCan clump on paperWax-based
ErasableVarietyFor correcting highlightsCan be erasedLess vibrantThermo-sensitive
ScentedThemed by scentEnhancing sensory experienceEnjoyable scentsNot for scent-sensitiveScented ink
GlitterShimmering and vividDecorative purposesAdds sparkleNot for formal useGlitter-infused
Eco-FriendlyVariesEnvironmentally conscious usersSustainable materialsOften more expensiveNon-toxic, recycled
Highlighter Sets-Tip Type

    Tip Type: Highlighters come with different tip types.

  • Chisel Tips are versatile for both broad and fine lines.
  • Bullet Tips provide a consistent line width.
  • Consider what will work best for the highlighting you do.
Highlighter Sets-Ink Consistency and Dry Time

Ink Consistency and Dry Time:

Look for ink that dries quickly to avoid smudging, predominantly if left-handed. Some highlighters offer a ‘no bleed through’ feature, essential for thin paper books like Bibles or textbooks.

Highlighter Sets-Color Variety

Color Variety:

Ensure the set includes all the colors you need to effectively color-code your documents and notes. More colors allow for more detailed organization.

Highlighter Sets-Quality and Brand Reputation

Quality and Brand Reputation:

Choose brands known for durability and ink quality to ensure your highlighters last long and perform well.

Highlighter Sets-Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews and Recommendations:

Read user reviews to gauge the performance and reliability of the highlighters. Reviews can provide real-world insights into how the highlighters perform on different paper types and under various conditions.

Highlighter Sets-Price


Highlighters are available at a wide range of prices. Decide on a budget that reflects how frequently you use them and what you are willing to spend.

Notes on using Highlighter Sets

Using highlighter sets effectively can enhance your ability to organize and retain information, whether studying, working, or managing personal projects. The following video explains how to take notes using the different colors of the highlighter sets:

By studying this video, you can maximize the utility of your highlighter sets, making your study and work sessions more efficient and productive.


What are the key differences between a marker pen and a highlighter in terms of ink composition?

Marker pens and highlighters differ primarily in ink composition and intended use. Marker pens often contain oil- or alcohol-based inks designed for permanent, vibrant markings on various surfaces, including paper, plastic, and metal. Highlighters typically use water-based inks, which are brighter and translucent, ideal for overlaying text without obscuring it, facilitating easy reading and note-taking.

Some brands design highlighters to resist drying out even if left uncapped for several hours or days. Look for highlighters advertised with long cap-off times.

Choose highlighters labeled ‘no-bleed’ or ‘safe for thin paper.’ Testing on a small area of your intended paper before use is also a good practice.

Store highlighters horizontally to keep the ink flow consistent and prevent the ink from pooling at one end. Please keep them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Yes, some eco-friendly highlighter models are refillable, allowing you to replace the ink cartridge instead of the whole pen, reducing waste and cost over time.

Look for non-toxic highlighters that conform to safety standards, such as ASTM or EN71. Many brands specify if their products are safe for children.

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