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7 Prominent Types Of Marker Pens In 2024

7 Prominent Types of Marker Pens in 2024

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Table of Contents

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In 2024, marker pens are more than just writing tools. They’re the secret weapon to make any project pop. From jazzing up your office whiteboard to adding a splash of color to your artwork, these little wonders are about making things brighter and better. Whether you’re sketching out your next big idea, labeling your world to keep it organized, or just doodling for fun, there’s a marker pen. 

In this article, we, Honeyoung stationery supplier, are diving into seven excellent types of marker pens that will make your work stand out and add a bit of fun to your day-to-day tasks. Let’s get colorful!

Colorful Marker Pens

Seven Common Types Of Marker Pens

This section will comprehensively introduce the seven most common types of marker pens. In addition, we have chosen representative products for your reference.

1. Permanent marker

Permanent markers are the heavyweights in the world of marker pens. Whether you’re labeling a lunchbox or making a bold statement on a poster, these markers are famous for their resilience.

They are famous for everything from industrial applications to artistic endeavors, offering rich, fade-resistant colors that stay vibrant for years. It is ideal for use on plastic, metal, and wood surfaces.

Permanent Marker

        An in-depth look

  • Function: Designed for lasting, indelible marks.
  • Use: Perfect for labeling, outdoor signs, art projects, and more.
  • Ink Quality: Waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-resistant.
  • Color Options: A wide range, from classic black to vibrant colors, is available.
  • Tip Styles: Available in fine, ultra-fine, and chisel tips for various needs.
  • Surface Compatibility: Works on metal, plastic, wood, glass, and fabrics.
  • Special Features: Quick-drying and resistant to chemicals and solvents.


  • Waterproof and smudge-proof, ideal for all surfaces.
  • Long-lasting ink ensures your writing stays put.
  • Vivid colors that don’t fade over time.


  • Mistakes are permanent, so you’ve got to be extra careful.

Production Recommendation: Sharpie Permanent Markers

Sharpie Chisel Tip, a Permanent Marker pen, is a character marker with a versatile tip for thick and thin line strokes. Sharpie Permanent Marker is bold and innovative; the vibrant Sharpie marker will be written almost anywhere.

Sharpie has signature inks that are fast-drying, waterproof, and fade-resistant. While imitations fade, Sharpie markers create timeless pieces.

Sharpie Permanent Markers


Leaves permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, and other surfaces.

Brilliant colors create jaw-dropping, vibrant marks.

Ink dries quickly, resists fading, and is waterproof.

Chisel tip is versatile enough for use in the classroom, office, home, and beyond.

Eight colors: black, blue, turquoise, green, lime, orange, red and purple.

2. Non-permanent markers

Non-permanent marker pens are like a friend who’s always up for a change. They’re versatile enough for kids’ crafts and professional presentations and great for temporary signage or doodling on windows.

These marker pens are a hit in settings where messages must be updated regularly, like in restaurants or classrooms. They are available in various colors and are celebrated for their ease of use and low odor, making them a staple in creative and professional environments.

Non-Permanent Marker

        An in-depth look

  • Function: Ideal for temporary markings and writings.
  • Use: Great for whiteboards, glass, and other non-porous surfaces where changeability is needed.
  • Ink Quality: Water-based or alcohol-based, easy to wipe off without residue.
  • Color Options: Comes in various colors, including standard and vibrant shades.
  • Tip Styles: Often found with fine and chisel tips for versatility.
  • Surface Compatibility: Best used on surfaces like whiteboards, glass, and laminated paper.
  • Special Features: Low-odor and often non-toxic, making them suitable for frequent indoor use.


  • Easily erasable from non-porous surfaces.
  • It is ideal for temporary labeling or creative projects.
  • They usually have a low odor, making them comfortable for indoor use.


  • It is not suitable for long-term projects as the ink can fade or be wiped away.

Production Recommendation: Staedtler Lumocolor non-permanent pen

Pack of four marker pens in different colors with line width F – fine line, approx. 0.6 mm. They glide seamlessly on almost all surfaces. It utilizes fast-drying, water-soluble ink that can be wiped with a damp cloth on film surfaces. Its housing is made of 97% recyclable plastic.

Lumocolor non-permanent pen 316


Suitable for overhead projectors

Water soluble ink

Quick drying

PP barrel and cap for long service life

Flight safety – automatic pressure equalization prevents the pen from leaking on airplanes

High color brilliance

3. Highlighters

 Highlighters are the stars of note-taking and studying. Their bright and fluorescent hues help you focus on the critical parts of texts, making them a student’s best study buddy.

Their quick-drying formula and comfortable grip make them perfect for long study sessions or review meetings, and they are often available in eco-friendly and refillable options.

Highlighter pen

        An in-depth look

  • Function: Designed to emphasize critical information in texts.
  • Use: Perfect for students and professionals to highlight notes, documents, and books.
  • Ink Quality: Water-based, quick-drying, and usually resistant to smearing.
  • Color Options: Available in a range of fluorescent and pastel colors.
  • Tip Styles: These are commonly found with chisel tips for variable line widths.
  • Surface Compatibility: Best on paper, including books, notes, and printed documents.
  • Special Features: Some highlighters come with anti-dry-out technology, staying fresh even if left uncapped.


  • Eye-catching colors help emphasize important information.
  • Usually, have a chisel tip for variable line widths.
  • It often comes in sets with a variety of colors.


  • It can bleed through thin pages, affecting the text on the other side.

Production Recommendation: Kokuyo Beetle Tip 3way Highlighters

Kokuyo is a stationery brand founded in 1905. The Kokuyo Beetle Tip 3way Highlighter allows you to draw three lines with one pen.

The highlighter has two tips – a 2.5 mm chisel tip and a 1 mm round tip. Rotate the pen barrel to switch between the two tips when you hold the highlighter, or keep the pen barrel perpendicular to the paper for a dual line effect when reading and studying. 

The three different nibs allow you to quickly draw lines above and below the text to highlight text, below text, and boxed text. This innovative highlighter is perfect for students.

Kokuyo Beetle Tip 3way Highlighter Pen


Highlighter nibs are available in two tips

Three highlighting effects: double line, sharp line, thick line

More colors available

4. Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard marker pens are essential in modern classrooms and boardrooms. They are perfect for illustrating ideas during meetings or teaching lessons, offering easy writing and effortless erasing.

Additionally, many whiteboard marker pens are now made with low-odor and non-toxic formulas, making them safer and more pleasant to use in enclosed spaces.

Whiteboard Markers

        An in-depth look

  • Function: Made for writing on whiteboards, ideal for presentations and teaching.
  • Use: Great in classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms for temporary writing and drawing.
  • Ink Quality: Dry-erase, usually alcohol-based, wipes off cleanly without residue.
  • Color Options: Available in various colors, including black, blue, red, and green.
  • Tip Styles: Commonly comes with bullet or chisel tips for versatile writing.
  • Surface Compatibility: Best on whiteboard surfaces; also works on glass and other non-porous materials.
  • Special Features: Often low-odor, some options are refillable for eco-friendly use.


  • Dry erase, perfect for temporary notes and drawings.
  • Smooth writing experience on whiteboard surfaces.
  • Available in a range of colors for dynamic presentations.


  • If left uncapped, they can dry out quickly.

Production Recommendation: Pilot V Board Master Whiteboard marker

This marker pen can be refilled up to 4 times. The V Board Master Whiteboard Marker contains 91% recycled content, and its ink is brightly colored and easy to erase and clean.

V Board Master Whiteboard marker


Refillable up to 4 times for maximum utilization.

Up to 43% cost savings compared to traditional dry-erase markers.

Vivid, dense writing that’s visible even from a distance.

Visible, long-lasting ink supply.

5. Security Markers

Security marker pens are the secret agents of the marker world. Perfect for marking valuables or adding invisible notes, they keep your secrets safe with ink only visible under UV light.

Despite their specialized nature, security marker pens are simple and can be a fun tool for secret messages or creative projects. (how to use security markers)

Security Markers

        An in-depth look

  • Function: Designed for discreet marking and security purposes.
  • It is ideal to mark valuables and confidential documents and create invisible notes or art.
  • Ink Quality: Special UV-reactive ink that is invisible under normal light but visible under UV light.
  • Color Options: Generally colorless or very faint until revealed under UV light.
  • Tip Styles: Typically delicate or ultra-fine tips for precise application.
  • Surface Compatibility: Works on various surfaces, including paper, plastic, metal, and glass.
  • Special Features: Adds a layer of security or creativity to items and projects.


  • Ideal for discreet labeling of personal items.
  • Ink is invisible to the naked eye for added security.
  • Fun for creating hidden messages or art.


  • Limited daily use and requires UV light to reveal the ink.

Production Recommendation: Dri Mark Counterfeit Detector Pen

Dri Mark’s Classic Counterfeit Detector Pen tests counterfeit bills by quickly identifying genuine paper.

You can make a small mark on a U.S. bill. A clear/amber mark indicates that the legislation is a U.S. currency. A darker mark suggests that the bill may be counterfeit.25 This method has been one of the standards for counterfeit detection for over 25 years.

In 1991, Dri Mark purchased the first Counterfeit Detector Pen patent. It quickly became the most popular security pen in history.

Counterfeit Detector Pen


Easily identify counterfeit bills

Long-lasting durability

Smaller Size, More Ink

Made in the USA

6. Liquid Paint Markers

Liquid paint marker pens are like having a vibrant paint palette in pen form. These markers work on various surfaces, including glass, metal, and plastic, providing bright, opaque coverage. They are particularly favored for their ability to produce detailed and intricate designs, which makes them a popular choice for custom artwork, automotive work, and home decor.

Liquid Paint Markers

        An in-depth look

  • Function: Designed for vibrant and artistic markings.
  • Use: Ideal for arts and crafts, industrial marking, and customizing objects like vehicles or home decor.
  • Ink Quality: High-quality, oil-based paint that offers strong coverage and brightness.
  • Color Options: Wide range of colors, including traditional and metallic shades.
  • Tip Styles: Fine, medium, and broad tips for different artistic needs.
  • Surface Compatibility: Suitable for various surfaces, including metal, glass, wood, plastic, and paper.
  • Special Features: Often waterproof and resistant to fading, providing a durable finish.


  • Provide bright, opaque colors on multiple surfaces.
  • Great for detailed work and artistic projects.
  • Often waterproof and fade-resistant.


  • Requires a bit of time to dry, so there’s a risk of smudging.

Production Recommendation: ZEYAR Liquid Paint Marker

You may not have heard of the brand ZEYAR. But guess what? This marker is the #2 seller on Amazon. I think it has such high sales because it has a good balance between price and performance.

ZEYAR Liquid Chrome Marker Paint Marker


Write on almost any surface

The ink is high coverage, opaque, long-lasting, waterproof, fade-resistant, and UV oxidation-resistant.

Dual Tip Marker – one ultra-fine metal tip and one medium polyester tip, both made in Japan.

7. Fabric Markers

Fabric marker pens are a crafter’s dream, turning any piece of cloth into a potential masterpiece. Ideal for customizing apparel or decorating home fabrics, they bring a personal touch to your textile projects.

The ink in these markers is specially formulated to adhere to fabric, ensuring that designs remain vibrant and intact even after washing.

Fabric Markers

        An in-depth look

  • Function: Specially designed for use on fabrics and textiles.
  • Use: Perfect for customizing clothing, accessories, and home decor items like cushions or curtains.
  • Ink Quality: High-quality, often wash-resistant ink that maintains color integrity even after multiple washes.
  • Color Options: Available in various vibrant colors, including neon and pastel shades.
  • Tip Styles: Comes across multiple tip styles, including fine for detailed work and brush tips for broader strokes.
  • Surface Compatibility: Specifically made for fabric, working well on cotton, linen, and most synthetic blends.
  • Special Features: Some fabric markers require heat setting (like ironing) for permanence, while others are air-dry.


  • Specifically designed for use on fabrics.
  • Resistant to washing, keeping designs intact.
  • Often available in a wide range of vibrant colors.


  • Some types require heat setting, which adds an extra step to the process.

Production Recommendation: Faber-Castell Textile Marker

Faber-Castell leads the world in stationery, and the markers it produces are no exception. If you have high demands on your writing instruments and care a lot about the details, this centuries-old brand will surely be one of your top choices.

This textile marker pen is suitable for a wide range of fabrics, from T-shirts to school bags. The colors are entirely fixed after 24 hours or after ironing.

Textile Marker


Suitable for a wide range of fabrics

Resistant to high temperatures. Colors will not fade even when washed at 40°C or 60°C

Durable chisel tip

Suitable for contours and surfaces

Pen barrel and cap made of 100% recycled plastic


How To Choose The Right Marker Pen?

Choosing the right marker pen for your project doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about what you plan to do.

The trick is to choose the suitable marker for the task: consider the surface you’re using, whether you want the ink to be washable or weather-resistant, and how vibrant you want those colors to be. The key is to find the right tool for your creative or practical needs – then lift the lid and let your creativity flow!

Without further ado, we think this section is well suited to be presented in a table:

Type of Marker Pen Type of Nib Type of Ink Transparency of Color Surfaces It Can Be Used On
Permanent Markers Fine, Chisel, Ultra Fine Oil-based Opaque Metal, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Fabric
Non-Permanent Markers Fine, Chisel Water-based or Alcohol-based Semi-Transparent Glass, Whiteboards, Plastics
Highlighters Chisel, Bullet Water-based Transparent Paper, Printed Material
Whiteboard Markers Chisel, Bullet Dry-Erase, Alcohol-based Semi-Transparent Whiteboards, Glass
Security Markers Fine, Ultra Fine Special UV Ink Invisible (Visible under UV light) Most surfaces including Paper, Plastic, Metal
Liquid Paint Markers Fine, Medium, Broad Oil-based Paint Opaque Metal, Glass, Wood, Plastic, Paper
Fabric Markers Fine, Brush Fabric Dye or Paint Opaque Fabrics, Textiles
  1. Ink Composition:

    • Water-based markers contain pigments or dyes dissolved in water.
    • Alcohol-based markers use alcohol or a mixture of alcohol and glycol as a solvent for their pigments or dyes.
  2. Drying Time:

    • Water-based markers take longer to dry compared to alcohol-based markers.
    • Alcohol-based markers dry faster due to the quick evaporation of alcohol.
  3. Color Blending:

    • Water-based markers are less effective for blending colors seamlessly.
    • Alcohol-based markers blend smoothly, making them ideal for gradients and shading.

Regarding color vibrancy, both water-based and alcohol-based markers have their perks. Water-based markers offer bright, bold colors for various projects, especially for paper crafts or coloring books.

On the other hand, alcohol-based markers are the go-to for super vibrant, intense colors. They’re like the color powerhouses in the marker world. These markers give you deeply saturated hues that pop on the page.

For typical coloring activities, Non-Permanent Markers and Liquid Paint Markers are your go-to options for creating beautiful, colorful artwork.

Non-Permanent Markers come in various colors and are great for detailed work without bleeding through pages.

Permanent Markers take the crown for leaving the longest-lasting mark. They’re designed to be water-resistant, smudge-proof, and enduring on various surfaces. Fabric Markers also offer long-lasting marks for fabric-specific use, especially on textiles.

The first marker pen was invented by Sidney Rosenthal in 1953. He created a writing instrument with a felt tip and an ink reservoir, which became the foundation for our modern marker pen.


For once, it’s hard to argue that one brand has an across-the-board advantage. Remember that a security marker may require a specialized manufacturer and specific industry experience to produce. So, when we see a brand like Dri Mark, we don’t know much about it for a while (honestly). We think that every different type of marker has its own best brand.

This video provides a detailed introduction to how to choose a marker, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

So, what types of custom marker pens do you need daily? And what better products do you recommend? Please share them with us in the comments!

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