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The 12 Best Colorful Gel Pens For Art In 2024

The 12 Best Colorful Gel Pens For Art In 2024

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Table of Contents

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Do you have a headache when looking for the best colorful gel pens?

Different brands have different colors, materials, sizes, etc. But you are confused and don’t know which one to choose.

To help you quickly find the best colorful gel pens, our team tested 100 brands of colorful gel pens and selected the 12 best colorful gel pens.

In this article, I will show you the details, pros and cons, actual usage (pictures in the text), and genuine customer reviews of these 12 gel pens.

Best Colorful Gel Pens For Art

Best Colorful Gel Pens For Art

Honeyoung Stationery has listed the 12 best colorful gel pens selected. These gel pens come in various colors and are suitable for multiple purposes, such as writing, drawing, coloring, and crafting. Choose based on your preferences for color selection, ink quality, and intended use.

Here are the options!

1. Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pens

Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pens, ten counts(pack of 1) with assorted bright ink colors, are iconic among artists, crafters, and writers. Gelly Roll gell pens glide effortlessly over paper, cardstock, and non-porous surfaces like plastic and vellum. Gelly Roll gel pens offer unlimited possibilities to create something unique.

Product Dimensions7.63 x 5.13 x 0.56 inches
ColorAssorted Bright
Ink Color‎Assorted Colored Ink
Closure Type‎Snap
Point Type‎Fine
Line Size1.0 mm
Age RangeAdult


  • Vibrant colors allow for eye-catching artwork and writing.

  • Smooth ink flow, clean and crisp lines without skipping or clotting.

  • Ink dries quickly, minimizing the risk of smudging and smearing, nice for left-handed users.

  • Gelly Roll pens can be used on various surfaces.

  • Various tip sizes cater to different artistic styles and preferences.

  • Comfortable grip, durable, and long-lasting.


  • Disposable gel pen refills are less eco-friendly.

Customer Ratings:   4.9 out of 5

2. Pilot G2 Gel Pens

Pilot G2 Gel Pens are renowned for their smooth writing experience, vibrant ink colors, and ergonomic design, making them a favorite choice for students, professionals, and artists, a popular and trusted choice for a wide range of writing tasks and creative endeavors.

Product Dimensions‎7.2 x 5.79 x 0.63 inches
Ink ColorMulticolor
Line Size0.7 mm
Closure TypeRetractable
Point TypeFine
Age RangeTeen, Adult


  • Effortless gliding across the page without skipping or blotting.
  • A wide array of vibrant ink colors.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Refillable and retractable.
  • Various tip sizes, including ultra-fine, extra-fine, delicate, and bold.
  • Trusted Brand.


  • Some users may experience ink smearing, especially if the ink hasn’t fully dried or when using certain types of paper.

Customer Ratings:   4.8 out of 5

3. Uni-ball Signo Gel Pens

Uni-ball Signo Gel Pens are renowned for their smooth writing experience, bold ink colors, and reliability, making them a top choice for professionals, students, and artists alike.

Whether sketching, journaling, note-taking, or bringing ideas to life, Uni-ball gives your writing a unique dimension that captivates the eye and stirs the soul.

Product Dimensions‎‎‎‎‎0.6 x 7.6 x 5.8 inches
Ink ColorBlack, blue, light blue, green, orange, pink, red and purple
Line Size0.7 mm
Closure Type‎‎Retractable
Point Type‎‎Medium
Age RangeAdult


  • Smooth Writing Experience.
  • Vibrant ink colors for creative expression.
  • Quick-drying ink prevents smudging and is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • Waterproof and fade-resistant.
  • A comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue during prolonged writing sessions.
  • Refillable Options: Some Signo Gel Pens are refillable, reducing waste and saving money.


  • Not all Signo Gel Pens are refillable.

Customer Ratings:   4.8 out of 5

4. Pentel EnerGel Gel Pens

Pentel EnerGel Gel Pens combine smooth writing, quick-drying ink, vibrant colors, comfortable design, and refillable convenience. The EnerGel family of liquid gel pens offers a variety of choices from retractable to capped, fine point to bold, several barrel styles, and a wide selection of vibrant ink colors.

If the pen runs out of ink, you can purchase Pentel Refill for EnerGel Gel Pens, which saves money and allows you to continue to enjoy the smooth flow of Pentel EnerGel Gel Pens. Want to know more about Pentel Refill? You can click: Find The Perfect Pen Refills In 2024(Updated)

Product Dimensions‎7.28 x 5.94 x 0.59 inches
Ink Color‎Multicolor
Material‎Stainless Steel, Metal
Line Size0.7 mm
Closure Type‎‎Retractable
Point Type‎‎‎Medium
Age RangeAdult


  • High-performance ink technology for a smooth, smear-free writing experience.
  • Ideal for left-handed writers.
  • Durable design, sleek, stylish barrel with stainless steel accents for a professional look.
  • Convenient retractable tip.
  • Pentel has been crafting quality writing instruments for over 70 years.


  • Depending on your location, finding refills may be challenging, requiring online purchases. 

Customer Ratings:   4.9 out of 5

5. Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens

ZEBRA Sarasa Clip 0.5mm Milk Colors, eight color set. The gel pens combine smooth writing, vibrant ink colors, quick-drying ink, comfortable design, and durable construction, making them a versatile and trusted choice for a wide range of writing tasks and creative projects, whether you’re taking notes, journaling, drawing, or sketching, they are a preferred choice.

Product Dimensions‎‎‎5.9 x 0.6 x 3.7 inches
ColorAssorted Colors
Ink ColorAssorted Colors
Material‎Rubber, Plastic
Line Size0.5 mm
Closure Type‎‎Retractable
Point Type‎Ball
Age RangeKid, Teen, Adult


  • Smooth writing without skipping or blotting.
  • Eight vibrant ink colors.
  • Quick-drying ink helps prevent smudging.
  • Rubber grip adopted for comfortable writing.
  • Sturdy barrel and retractable design.
  • Refillable options.


  • Some users may experience skipping or inconsistent lines.

Customer Ratings:   4.8 out of 5

6. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens have 22 assorted colors. The Gel Pens combine smooth writing, vibrant ink colors, quick-drying ink, comfortable design, and durable construction; this makes writing with InkJoy Gel Pens a pleasure, whether you’re writing a letter, taking notes, or doodling.

BrandPaper Mate
Product Dimensions‎9.1 x 8.88 x 1.14 inches
ColorAssorted Color
Ink ColorAssorted
Line Size0.7 mm
Closure Type‎‎‎Snap
Point Type‎‎‎Fine
Age RangeAdult


  • The quick-drying formula minimizes smearing for clean, consistent results.
  • Smooth-flowing ink offers an enjoyable experience throughout every word.
  • Ergonomic grip helps prevent hand fatigue during extended writing periods.
  • The handy clip attaches to various locations for easy access and storage.


  • The ink is used up faster, and the price is higher.
  • Yellow color ink is not noticeable on white paper. It could be used for watercolor paintings instead.

Customer Ratings:   4.8 out of 5

7. Shuttle Art Gel Pens

The Shuttle Art gel pen set comes in 180 vibrant and vivid colors, including classic hues, metallic shades, and glittery finishes. This extensive color selection allows for creative expression in various projects, from writing and drawing to coloring and crafting. 

BrandShuttle Art
Product Dimensions‎‎‎‎10.24 x 6.1 x 5.9 inches
ColorAssorted ColorAssorted Color
Ink ColorPastel
Line Size0.8-1.0 mm
Closure TypeSnap
Point Type‎‎‎Ball
Age RangeAdult


  • A wide range of vibrant and vivid colors.
  • Smooth and consistent writing experience with clean and precise lines.
  • Shuttle Art gel pens dry quickly upon contact with paper.
  • Shuttle Art gel pens can be used for writing, drawing, coloring, journaling, and more.
  • Value packs offer a large number of pens at an affordable price.


  • The pen body is made of plastic, which has poor durability and a short service life.

Customer Ratings:   4.7 out of 5

8. KACO soft-touch retractable gel ink pens

Kaco soft-touch colored gel pens 0.5 mm 20 pieces set. The pens have a streamlined barrel with a soft-touch coating, giving them a comfortable and tactile feel.

The pens combine sleek design, smooth writing, quick-drying ink, comfortable grip, and reliability, making them suitable for users of all ages and writing styles.

Product Dimensions‎‎‎‎5.91 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches
Ink ColorMulticolor
Material‎‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Line Size‎0.5 MM
Closure Type‎‎‎‎Retractable
Point Type‎‎‎‎Fine
Age RangeAdult


  • I am writing smoothly onto the page: no ink skipping or clogging.
  • Gel ink pens dries quickly upon contact with paper.
  • The retractable design can protect pens when not in use.
  • Variety of colors and tip sizes.
  • Suitable for kids and adults. Best choice for taking notes and journaling


  • The white pen is actually brown ink.

Customer Ratings:   4.8 out of 5

9. Castle Art 100 gel pens

Castle Art 100 gel pens are celebrated for their extensive color range, smooth ink flow, and versatile application, making them a favored choice for artists, students, and professionals alike.

Castle Art 100 gel pens come in a comprehensive collection of 100 vibrant and vivid colors. They allow limitless creative possibilities in coloring, drawing, writing, and crafting projects.

Brand‎Castle Art Supplies
Product Dimensions‎‎‎‎‎12.05 x 6.65 x 2.52 inches
Ink Color‎Pastel
Line Size‎1.0 mm 
Closure Type‎‎‎‎Snap
Point Type‎‎‎‎Fine
Age RangeAdult


  • One hundred vibrant and vivid colors provide limitless possibilities for coloring, drawing, writing, and crafting projects.
  • I am writing smoothly—quick-drying ink.
  • These gel pens come in a portable case, allowing easy storage and organization.
  • Every Castle Arts set includes a tutorial guiding you through the colors and techniques used to create the image.


  • Uncomfortable to color with for long periods.
  • The ink runs out quickly.

Customer Ratings:   4.7 out of 5

10. BIC Gelocity Quick Dry Gel Pens

One 8-count pack of BIC Gelocity Quick Dry Assorted Colors Gel Pens is great for everyday writing at work, school, or home.

Vibrant ink colors that are smear-resistant and dry faster, this quick-drying feature ensures that your writing remains clean and legible and is suitable for both left-handed writers and right-handed writers.

Product Dimensions‎0.63 x 6.38 x 7.63 inches
Ink ColorAssorted
Line Size‎0.7 mm 
Closure Type
Point Type
Age RangeAdult


  • Affordable prices are reasonable for students, professionals, and artists.
  • Retractable convenience: protect the nib.
  • Smooth and effortless writing experience.
  • The ink used in these pens dries quickly.
  • A wide range of vibrant ink colors.
  • A contoured grip that provides a comfortable and secure hold.


  • The ink will bleed if you apply too much or press too hard.

Customer Ratings:   4.9 out of 5

11. Tanmit Gel Pens

Tanmit Gel Pens Set, 120 Colored Gel Pen plus 120 Refills. Including Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pastel, Fluorescent, Dye Colors, Rainbow, Standard.

They are ideal for drawing, doodling, coloring, scrapbooks, writing, doodling, and journaling. Also show your creative side with greeting cards, invites, decorating, journaling & more!

They are also the best gifts for children, teens, and adults who love art.

Product Dimensions‎‎‎‎‎‎14.17 x 2.76 x 6.3 inches
Color240 colors
Ink ColorMulticolor
Line Size‎0.8 mm 
Closure Type‎‎‎‎Snap
Point Type‎‎‎‎Bold
Age RangeTeen, Adult


  • One hundred twenty vibrant and vivid colors for creative expression.
  • Smooth and consistent writing experience.
  • Quick-drying ink, minimizing the risk of smudging and smearing.
  • Versatile application, including coloring, drawing, writing, journaling, scrapbooking, and more.
  • These gel pens are in value packs, offering many pens at an affordable price.


  • The pen cap is a bit tight, and some people may think the pen is difficult to open.

Customer Ratings:   4.8 out of 5

12. ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens

ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens contains 48 glitter gel pens and 48 matching refills for a total of 96 pens in a variety of colors.

Each pen is filled with high-quality, non-toxic ink that dries quickly, preventing smudging and ensuring clean, crisp lines.

Available in various bold and beautiful colors, these pens are perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels.

Product Dimensions‎‎‎‎‎‎9.25 x 7.25 x 3 inches
Ink ColorMulticolor
Material‎Plastic, Rubber
Line Size‎1.0 mm 
Closure Type‎Snap
Point Type‎wide
Age RangeTeen, Adult


  • Vibrant and eye-catching colors and sparkling effect.
  • Ergonomic and refillable design.
  • Smooth writing on paper without smudging or skipping.
  • Quick-drying, non-toxic ink.
  • Suitable for coloring, drawing, writing, scrapbooking, and more.


  • There is not a full complement of neon colors. There is only pink, orange, and yellow.
  • Some pens have lighter ink colors.

Customer Ratings:   4.8 out of 5


Which is better? gel pen vs ballpoint pen.

Choosing between gel pens and ballpoint pens largely depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Writing Smoothness: Gel pens typically provide a smoother writing experience compared to ballpoint pens.

2. Precision and Clarity: Gel pens offer a more precise line and clearer writing because of their ink consistency.

3. Drying Time: Ballpoint pens have quicker-drying ink.

4. Color Variety: Gel pens come in a wider range of colors and finishes, including metallic, glitter, and neon.

5. Longevity and Cost: Ballpoint pens tend to last longer than gel pens.

If you prioritize smooth and vibrant writing, gel pens might be the better choice. If you’re looking for a more economical option that dries quickly, ballpoint pens might be preferable.
If you want to know more about ballpoint pens, click The 20 Best Ballpoint Pens For Writing In 2024.

When selecting the best colorful gel pens for your needs, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right ones:

1. Color Variety.

2. Ink Quality.

3. Tip Size.

4. Special Effects.

5. Comfort and Grip.

6. Refillability.

7. Packaging and Storage.

8. Price and Value

9. Reviews and Recommendations

A gel pen uses gel-based ink rather than the liquid ink used in ballpoint pens or the water-based ink used in rollerball pens. Gel ink is a hybrid ink that combines the smoothness and fluidity of liquid ink with the quick-drying properties of ballpoint ink.

Gel pens come in various colors, from primary hues to metallics, pastels, and specialty colors like neon or glitter. They are famous for multiple applications, including writing, drawing, coloring, and crafting, due to their versatility and ability to produce crisp, vivid lines.

Yes, gel pens typically penetrate the paper to some extent when writing or drawing. The extent of penetration can vary depending on factors such as the thickness and texture of the paper, the pressure applied while writing, and the viscosity of the gel ink.

If you’re concerned about bleed-through or show-through, you can consider using thicker paper or placing a sheet of scrap paper underneath the page you’re working on to protect the surface underneath.

Yes, gel pens can dry out over time, especially if they are not properly capped or stored.

Several factors can contribute to gel pens drying out:

1. Exposure to Air.

2. Low frequency of Use

3. Lower quality of Pen.

To prevent gel pens from drying out, it’s essential to:

1. Always cap the pen tightly when not in use to prevent air exposure.

2. Store pens in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

3. Use pens regularly to keep the ink flowing smoothly.

4. Consider storing pens horizontally to ensure even ink distribution.

Tips and tricks for reviving dried-out pens:
Gently shake the pen or soaking the tip in warm water.

Yes, in most cases, gel pen ink can be washed off skin, clothes, and fabrics, especially if attended to promptly.

Here are some general tips for removing gel pen ink from different surfaces:

1. Skin: Gel pen ink can usually be removed from the skin using soap and water. Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer can also be effective at breaking down the ink. For stubborn stains, you can try using an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover.

2. Clothes and Fabrics: Blot the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb excess ink. Then, apply a stain remover or pre-treatment product to the stain and wash the garment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Coloring with gel pens can be a fun and creative way to add vibrant hues to your artwork. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to color with gel pens effectively:

1. Choose Your Gel Pens

2. Select Your Coloring Surface.

3. Plan Your Design.

4. Test Your Pens.

5. Start Coloring.

6. Work in Layers.

7. Allow Ink to Dry.

8. Add Details and Effects.

9. Experiment and Have Fun.


The 12 colorful gel pens above are the perfect choice for artists, students, and anyone who likes adding bright colors to art, painting, or crafting projects.

These colorful gel pens are suitable for coloring, journaling, writing, calligraphy, and more. You can choose what suits you best and meets your needs.

Do you want to customize your gel pens? Click Custom Gel Pens. You will get creative, customized solutions.

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